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Garlic Beef Jerky 10oz

Flavor: Garlic Beef Jerky

Size: 10 oz

Ingredients: beef, salt, pepper, minced garlic, brown sugar, onion salt, and garlic salt

  • All Natural
  • No preservatives or additives
  • Gluten Free

Introducing premium Garlic Beef Jerky! Unlike ordinary beef jerky, our garlic beef jerky is tender, juicy, and made with lots of love. Our 10oz pack of deliciousness comes loaded with a sweet garlicky flavor that will have your taste buds dancing in delight.

Made from only the finest quality ingredients, this unique jerky has earned its spot as a premium product in the jerky foodscape. It's never tough or too dry, but always juicy and flavorful - perfect for a protein-packed snack that packs a punch! It has just the right amount of sweetness to tantalize your taste buds and guarantee your satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
J. Tanner (Morty303)
My favorite brand!

This jerky is always of top quality. In particular, the pepper and the garlic both have outstanding flavors of beef and seasonings, without all that hideous sugar sweetness most companies ruin their jerky with to get a false tenderness.

I always have some on hand. If you live near Redding, CA you can go straight to their business and get 6 $20 bags for the price of 5.

Scott Meador

I love this jerky,I will always make sure I have some in the fridge

Timothy Humphrey
So Good if you love garlic

The garlic flavor is crazy strong, so good.

charles tannehill
Best there is

I will keep ordering monthly for sure

Jim Paolinetti
Friendly criticism

I like flat sheet jerky opposed to strip jerky.