It’s Jerky

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13g Protein

97% Fat-Free

200 mg Sodium

< 4g Sugar

Tender & Delicious

For 30 years, our beef jerky is handcrafted from USDA premium steaks then marinated in our Freshest Ingredients and Slow-Cooked to Perfection.

Stay Energized

Power through your day. Whether you’re working out, hiking, at the desk, hanging out, or on the road. Recharge & Last Longer.

Protein Powerhouse

Enjoy every bite shamelessly. Every serving is packed with 13g of Protein, Vitamins, & Minerals.


Whenever you need it. Perfect Protein Snack for any event. Anywhere, anytime.

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Real Difference

Not all jerky is made equal. Minimal processing is the only way. Taste the difference.

Try it. Order today.